Thursday, 6 October 2011

Funny Quotes of Husband & Wife

Thappar Maarnay par NaraZ Wife se Husband bola
Aadmi ushi ko marta hai jis se Pyar kerta hai
Wife ne Husband ko 2 thappar maray aur Boli
Aap kya samajhtay hain main Aapse Pyar nahi karti.

If Wife Wants To Get
Husband's Attention
Just Look
Sad & Uncomfortable
If Husband Wants To Get
Wife's Attention
Just Look
Comfortable & Happy.

Wife: You Delivered An Excellent Speech
Hubby: Thanks Dear But The Audience Was
Full Of Fools And Idiots
Wife: Is That Why You Addressed
Them As Your Brothers And Sisters?

Wife: Suno Ji, Is Haftey Hum Roz Cinema Dekhne Jaayenge
Uske Agle Hafte Hum Roz Shopping K Liye Jaayenge
Husband: Aur Uske Agle Haftey Roz Mandir Jaayenge
Wife: Kyo
Husband- Bheek Mangenge.

I Met A Man Who Had Been Married For 66 Years
Amazing..66 Years I Said
What's The Secret To Such
A Long, Happy Marriage
Well, It's Like This The Man
Makes All The Big Decisions And
 The Woman Just Makes The Little Decisions
I Responded, "Does That Really Work
Oh, Yes" He Said Proudly..."66 Years
And So Far, Not One Big Decision!

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